Thank you for their tutorials to:
  Tim Head
for funding the project to: Prof. John Aiken
Swiss Cultural Fund in Britain Judith Goddard
UCL Business Dryden Goodwin
Camden Council Klaas Hoek
  Jayne Parker
for making the project possible: Sarah Pickering
Alan Taylor (Slade School of Fine Art) Jon Thomson
Louise Howitt (Conference and Events UCL)  
  for his help by printing the visualizations
for the execution to: James Keith
Sense Business Development Limited  
  for letting me discover W. Wilkins' drawings:
for helping to promote the project Dr. Andrea Fredericksen (UCL Art Museum)
Prof. Susan Collins (Slade School of Fine Art) Subhadra Das (UCL Art Museum)
David Kilian Beck (Embassy of Switzerland)  
Sara O'Donnell (Arts and Tourism Camden) for their time to help installing to:
Emma Alam (UCL Business) Claas Becken
Dr. Nina Pearlman (UCL Art Museum) Julia Crabtree
  Mark Dillon
for their advice: Will Evans
Emma Kalkhoven Ren Garden
Henny Van Nistelrooy Tulapop Saenjaroen
Julia Vogl  
Felix Weber (Arup) for producing the banners
  Banner Box
for their photographs to:  
Nick Rochowski for helping with financial issues
Michal Rubin Shefa Jahan (Slade School of Fine Art)
for designing bags recycling the fabric for producing the bags
Yasar Spörndli BITA-Pathways