Selected publications and reviews

On paper
2019 Jeremy Cooper 'The world exists to be put on a postcard, Artists' postcards from 1960 to now', Thames & Hudson and the British Museum
2019 Capitel Magazine Mexico 16th edition, pp.138-139
2018 Silence text in: Brutalist VII, VIII & IX by Nick Rochowski, ISBN 978-0-9569857-3-6
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2018 Future Now, Aesthetica Art Prize, London
2017 Gradhiva No 25: Gottfried Semper,  Musée du quai Branly, Paris
2016 Märkli. Chair of Architecture at the ETH Zurich 2002-2015, Chantal Imoberdorf (ed.), gta Verlag, 2016
2015 The Crypt, Christ Church Spitalfields, London
2015 Griffin Gallery, Perfectionism (Part II.) exhibition catalogue
2015 Milano Finanza, Ladies & Gents, p.60
2015 Back to the Things Themselves, Assembly Point, London
2015 Le Temps, 17 June, 'Photo Basel prends ses quartiers dans le vieux Bâle' by Caroline Stevan
2015 Art Monthly 387, June 2015: Weight for the Showing exhibition review by Keren Goldberg
2014 Salon Flux, by Belen Zahera, David Altweger, Mira Loew and Rafa Prada, London
2014 Here Today... (exhibition catalogue), published by Artwise curators, ISBN 0-9533121-5-1
2014 Into The Fold, Camberwell Press, London
2014 Photo Festival guide, Milan
2014 Academy Now I, catalogue
2013 Slade Print Fair Catalogue, Slade School of Fine Art, London
2013 Creaticity (book), Creative Expressions in Contemporary Cities, Kognitif, Barcelona
2013 Pam Ibbotson, Dissertation, MA Visual Arts, West Dean College
2013 Art Licks Magazine, Issue 12: 'A New Consciousness'
2013 The Sunday Times Magazine, July 7 2013
2013 You Are Cordially Invited, The Art Fair Issue No1
2013 Liste 18, The young art fair in Basel, catalogue
2013 Glass Magazine 14 Avant Art
2013 Metamorphose, Islington Arts Factory, exhibition catalogue
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2013 Swiss Cultural Fund in Britain Annual Review 2012
2013 Catlin Art Guide 2013
2012 Ghosting No.2, Shabazz Projects, Los Angeles
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2012 New Sensations 2012, exhibition catalogue
2012 PLOT, Argentina
2012 L+D, Brazil
2012 AV Ersatz, MFA Media publication, Slade School of Fine Art
2012 ETHZ Studio Peter Markli/Peter Markli works 2002-2012
2011 Slade Postgraduate Research 2011
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2005 Fluids, Allan Kaprow, Hauser & Wirth
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2015 Les jeunes plasticiens s'exposent à la foire Off de Art Brussels, RTBF, Belgium
2012 Channel 4, Random Acts N.206

2014 Swiss Radio DRS2, interview
2012 Swiss Radio DRS4, interview